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JADUGAR kUMAR: A magician from silk city Berhampur, Ganjam, Odisha having an experience of 20 years of magic performance in all over India who has attended a lot of Magic Workshops and visited many magic schools. These workshops are being held in different corners of India but unfortunately no one came forward to conduct a workshop of Magic in our own city.  Hence, 'Students & Kids' !!! just rush to learn and enjoy this Magic Learning Workshop at Berhampur(Gm), Odisha offered by Mr. Jadugar Kumar 

Though people across the ages, enjoy the magic shows; this workshop is designed only for kids below the age group of 15 years only.  Jadugar Kumar  have performed so many attractive shows for kids as well as for young adults and senior citizens too.  But the curiosity among kids was found to be much higher than any other generation.

There are a lot of kids who want to learn this art of magic but they don’t get any support. With the increase of technology, now they browse online to get information but they do not get the desired result. As the online community of magic dealers are more about selling magic equipments rather than teaching! They provide the instruments but that is not what magic is all about. In this process and as a result curiosities to learn magic tricks among these kids becomes a dream, as they don’t get the proper learning environment to nourish their wish!

With this workshop, what we will do is to teach the tricks to kids without any special props or magic instruments.  Jadugar Kumar can trust immediate performance of magic by Kids even after this workshop.

There are a number of other benefits that the student will get at our workshop, but it won’t be possible for us to write everything here. So, we will treat each of the students on the basis of their understanding level and their future needs.

Jadugar K. Kumar

Magician and Mentor



Mobile: +91 94370 09885

  1. Our workshop
      is designed in such a way that, the kids will get more interested in subjects like Science and Mathematics! There is a part of magic, which covers the basic science and mathematics knowledge. There are students, who are not good with these subjects just because they don’t find these tings interesting. Our workshop will help them to generate more interest towards these subjects.
  2. One more thing, that we often find parents complaining about the poor memory of their child. Our son/daughter studies very hard but he/she has a problem with remembering their subjects. But the same student, can remember the movie dialogues and dance steps without any hardship and practice! That indicates there is no problem at all with his ability to remember. The only thing they need is a little guidance about how to remember the things! We call it Memory Power Improvement Technique. We will help the student to enhance his memory skill!
  3. Today’s world is a competitive world! The mere book knowledge is not enough to give the edge that usually corporate world is looking for. The basic criteria is definitely education but one need to be prove himself in 15 minutes interview that is going to be held by the companies. There the only thing somebody needs is confidence and personality! Our workshop has been designed to develop the personality of the students.
  4. Stage fear is another problem. Today every parent want their child to take part in extra curricular activities like Dancing, singing, etc, But the common requirement for these talents is, to face an audience.  No matter, how good you are with your talents, without a stage presence that will not work! So, first we need to make our child brave enough to face an audience. We will ensure that.
  5. The last but not the least; that any one in this world need to be success is, Self Presentation Skill. Today, we have seen our kids talking about national leaders on stage without any hiccups but when we offer them to say 10 lines about themselves they fumble! So, they need to improve the self presentation skill. Our workshop will guide each of the students in this regard.

 Thanking You